iMaths - Tracker Book: Year 1

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iMaths is an investigation-based numeracy program that comprehensively addresses both the content and proficiency strands of the Australian Curriculum.

Availability: Available Usually Dispatched In: 3 - 7 Business Days ISBN: 9781741351828 Brand/Publisher: Firefly Education Categories: Australian CurriculumMathematicsMathematicsAlgebraGeometryMeasurementProbabilityNumber & AlgebraStatistics & ProbabilityMeasurement & Geometry

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iMaths is versatile. Get the complete set of iMaths products to run a comprehensive program, or pick and choose the products that will best complement your own program. The choice is yours.

iMaths Tracker Book - Year 1

iMaths is an investigation-based numeracy program that comprehensively addresses both the content and proficiency strands of the Australian Curriculum.

iMaths Tracker Book - Year 1 contains:

  • A readiness test
  • Assessment items for each Topic
  • Working pages for problem solving tasks
  • A student assessment profile

View Sample Pages

View Sample Pages

About the Series

iMaths - InvestigationInvestigations - The Magic Maths Ingredient

iMaths is a unique program that fosters enquiry by immersing students in relevant, real-life maths Investigations. The highly motivating and engaging Investigations allow students to apply and practice their knowledge of maths concepts, which improves their abilities and results.

Differentiation - Leave No Student Behind

iMaths provides everything you need to tailor a maths program that caters to the various ability levels of your students.

Assessment - We've Got the Tools of Your Trade

iMaths has all the tools you need to assess your students knowledge and proficiency. Use the rubrics, assessment pages in the Tracker Books and Differentiation worksheets to assess student progress as part of your comprehensive maths program.

Whole School Approach - From Foundation to Year 6iMaths - Investigation 2

The consistency of the iMaths program allows you to build your students' success in maths from Foundation to Year 6. Each Student Book builds on the maths knowledge taught the year before. Themes and contexts complement the developing maturity of your students, from nursery rhymes to world travel.

Curriculum Matches - We've Crossed the t's and Dotted the i's

iMaths covers all state and national curriculum documents, and is the only maths program to comprehensively teach and asses the proficiency strands.

Products - Pick and Mix Your Perfect Program

The iMaths program has a range of resources including Student Books, Teacher Books, Tracker Books, iMaths Online and complete digital options for non-textbook schools. You can select the combination of books and teaching resources to suit either your own classroom, or your whole school. We provide the resources, so you can focus on teaching.


iMaths Investigations, with real-life contexts, turn reluctant maths students into eager participants.

Engage Students with Real-life Contexts

iMaths Investigations apply the maths concepts of your Curriculum to real-life situations. Every Investigation has been designed to engage and motivate students and show them how much fun maths can be. With iMaths Investigations your students will design surfboards, go on an adventure around the world and create their own breakfast cereal – all in the name of maths!

Select an Investigation Which Suits You

Choose from 12 exciting Investigations that best match your students’ needs and interests. Not only will you be sure to find something your students will love, you’ll also be able to link maths to the curriculum areas of science, literacy, history and more.

*iMaths 7 has four extended Investigations

View Sample Investigations

Foundation Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

Solve the Problem of Problem Solving

Ten of the most commonly used problem solving strategies are explicitly taught and then used within iMaths Investigations. These strategies are structured to give students the ability and confidence to solve any problem a variety of ways.

Read More About iMaths Problem Solving Strategies

Problem Solving Strategies


More support, more practice and more challenges. iMaths provides something extra for every student.

Cater for All Your Students

iMaths Online provides downloadable Differentiation worksheets for every Topic across three levels of difficulty: support, consolidation and extension.

View Differentiation Sample Pages

Foundation Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

More Than Just a Workbook

All activities in the iMaths Student Books are carefully graded, progressing from simple to more difficult activities. Most Topics also include a Challenge activity for fast finishers.

View Student Book Sample Pages

Foundation  Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6


iMaths provides all the tools you need to easily assess your students' knowledge and proficiency.

Assess the Content Strands

The iMaths Tracker Book provides structured assessment for each maths Topic. Assessment items are divided into two parts: Know and Apply. Know questions assess students’ basic knowledge of the concept, while Apply questions assess their application of knowledge in a variety of contexts.

View Tracker Book Sample Pages

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

Assess the Proficiency Strands

The rubrics describe the processes students use as they work through each Investigation. They allow easy assessment of student proficiency, giving students and parents a clear understanding of what is required at each achievement standard, from A to E.

Use Differentiation Worksheets for Tests

iMaths Differentiation tasks, found at iMaths Online, can be used as end of term tests or for testing throughout the year. Include them in your student assessment portfolios to get a more complete picture of a student’s achievement in the content strands of your curriculum.

Answers for Everything

The iMaths Teacher Books include answers to all Tracker Book assessment items, Student Book activities, Investigations, Problem Solving Tasks, Challenges and Mental Computation activities. Look for answers to our Differentiation tasks at iMaths Online.


Planning is simple with iMaths. At iMaths Online you can create, implement and share your yearly plan with the iPlanner.

Easy to Use

iPlanner makes it easy to create an individualised yearly program for your class. You can adjust your plan at any time. Watch our tutorial to see how to build a yearly program using the iPlanner.

Feel Secure Knowing Your Curriculum is Covered

Teaching every iMaths Topic covers all the mandatory content strands of the curriculum. When you use iPlanner you can easily see which Topics have been covered, which Topics you are revising and which Topics you have yet to teach.

Print and Share

Once you create your plan, you can share it with colleagues to use as a template or print it out for reporting and auditing.

Whole School Approach

iMaths is consistent. Build your students' success across the whole school as they apply their knowledge and practice their expertise each year.

Make Maths Fun and Meaningful for Foundation Students

Excite your students with nursery rhymes, animals, storybooks, sandcastles and other hands-on activities. iMaths Foundation Investigations have been specifically tailored to include familiar and fun contexts that appeal to early learners.iMaths - Whole School Approach

Watch your students engage in play-based learning as they sing along with the songs on the It’s iMaths Time CD, free with every iMaths Foundation Teacher Book. Introduce maths the fun way with the Teacher Book’s Daily Number Workout, which teaches important mathematical concepts through songs, rhymes, games and creative activities.

Improve Results with Whole School Consistency

A fully resourced program from Foundation to Year 6, iMaths helps build successful maths students across the whole school. The consistent approach not only makes life easier for teachers, but for students and their parents also. Your students will gain confidence as they apply their knowledge in exciting new Investigations and build their problem solving expertise each year.

Prepare Year 7 Students for the Transition to Secondary School

iMaths 7 is the ideal maths program to help Year 7 students prepare for the challenges of secondary school maths. Written for the Australian Curriculum, iMaths 7 follows a linear structure. We’ve also created Topic Notes to provide in-depth explanations and examples of maths concepts so students can start taking control of their own learning. The Investigations, one per term, have been extended to demonstrate real life contexts for these more complex maths concepts.

iMaths 7 - Preview iMaths 7 - Curriculum Match

Curriculum Matches

iMaths Topics and Investigations cover the content and proficiency strands of your Curriculum. iMaths - Content Strands

Covering the Content Strands

iMaths Topics are content units that correspond with the content strands of your Cur icul m. The Topics provide your students with plenty of opportunities to explore Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability.

Covering the Proficiency Strands

iMaths Investigations give you a comprehensive picture of how well your students are performing in the proficiency strands: Understanding, Fluency, Problem Solving and Reasoning. The Investigations provide meaningful context for your students to apply their mathematical knowledge.

See for Yourself How We Match Your Curriculum

Check out our Curriculum Match documents. These explicitly show how the iMaths Topics and Investigations match the strand descriptors in the Curriculum.

Australian Curriculum Match Document (Foundation to Year 6) NSW Syllabus Match document (Foundation to Year 6) Australian Curriculum Match Document (Year 7)


Student Books (F-6)

Students of all abilities will love the real-life context of Investigations. Topics teach students all they need to know to complete an Investigation, and Problem Solving and Mental Computation Strategies provide them with a framework to tackle and solve new problems.

View Student Book Sample Pages

Foundation  Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

Tracker Books (1-6)

Capture and report your students’ results with the Student Tracker Book. With structured assessment items for every Topic, students can demonstrate both understanding and application of maths concepts. Complete with a readiness test, working pages for Problem Solving tasks, Topic assessment, and a student assessment profile, the Tracker Book is an invaluable assessment and reporting tool.

View Tracker Book Sample Pages

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

Teacher Books (F-6)

The iMaths Teacher Books have all the tools teachers need, including detailed instructions, strategies, worked examples and an A–E rubric for each Investigation. You will also find answers to Student Book Topics, Tracker Book assessment items and Problem Solving tasks.

View Teacher Book Sample Pages

Foundation Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7

iMaths Online Annual School Licence (F-6)

iMaths Online has the online maths resources teachers need!

  • iPlanner electronic planning tool
  • Differentiation tasks – 3 levels
  • Interactive maths games for students
  • Interactive teaching tools
  • Projectable Student Book pages and answers
  • Projectable Tracker Book answers
  • Tear-outs, Data pages, BLMs and Rubrics

The iMaths Online School Licence allows every teacher and student in the school to access iMaths Online for all year levels purchased.

iMaths Online with Printable Student Book Pages Annual School Licence (F-6)

We understand not all schools use textbooks. We have developed a digital, printable alternative to our Student Book and it is available as an extension of iMaths Online. Subscription includes all the features of iMaths Online, as well as Printable Student Book Pages – Investigations, Topics, Problem Solving and Mental Computation.

Problem Solving Poster

The iMaths Problem Solving Strategies Poster (A1 size) provides a handy reference for teachers and students, illustrating the ten Problem solving strategies they will use time and time again in their maths lessons.

Tutorial Videos

iMaths Online Virtual Tour Everything you need to know about using iMaths Online.

iMaths Mental Computation Strategies

Discover how to help your students build numerical fluency with mental computation strategies.

ISBN 9781741351828
Publisher Firefly Education
Product Type Student Books,
Year Level Year 1,

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