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Available on orders $80 to $1000
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A competitive board game that promotes positive values, ethical business and character development through social entrepreneurship.

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Fair Go is a beautifully designed student strategy board game that promotes positive values, ethical business and character development through social entrepreneurship. It involves waiting your turn and observing, adding up and predicting your opponents' liabilities and making decisions about when to become the next industry leader. Suitable for ages 8+ (2 to 6 players). Designed and invented in Australia.

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What is so special about playing "Fair Go"?

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be rich, to be an industry leader? To be so rich you can afford to help others reach their potential because you are already the best in your field. Because, hey!, if you put everyone else out of business, who would be left to buy your products? Play Fair Go and find out how it feels. Have fun! No end game can be predicted. Everyone plays until the final dice is thrown. Overcome changing fortunes with clever strategies and be quick to seize opportunities. Buy too many rings and your community responsibilities increase but refuse to interact and help your neighbours and you lose. Everyone has a "fair go" - an equal opportunity to play until the last dice is thrown with no one predicting the winner. Will you find a cure for cancer, win a marathon, save a coral reef, write a prize winning novel or lose half your money through poor business decisions? How will you cope with life's ups and downs? Play Fair Go and find out!

Rules to Remember

  1. Blue and yellow industry cards are the same and players can buy both colours if they wish, but only one card from each industry.
  2. Players receive no money passing the Market Place but FG 1,000 if they land there with a correct dice throw.
  3. When a player lands on an unowned industry space, they do not have to buy it but it cannot be auctioned to anyone else.
  4. Rolling a double does not result in a second turn.
  5. When landing on the Flood Zone, a player misses 2 turns (helping farmers in the floods) and cannot receive any money or make any transactions during this time.
  6. When buying a ring, the dice cannot be thrown in that turn.
  7. Only 1 player can have 1 ring per industry - either blue or yellow.
  8. When landing on an owned industry space, the player needs to pay the owner the fee listed on the card.
  9. Once a ring is bought and placed on the playing board, any player landing on that space must be paid by the owner. This is because the owner is now the best in that industry.
  10. To win, a player must land on the Charity Shop and then buy for 2,000 Fair Go money, a Stand of Success and replace their playing piece with their stand. A few Fair Go cards also direct players to the Charity Shop.
  11. To win, a player must also be the best in four industries by buying four industry cards and on 4 separate turns buying a ring, for FG 2,000, to place on their 4 matching industry spaces.


Is the game fun to Play? (answered by school children)

  • "Fun because you get to be competitive but not get into trouble"
  • "You get to help others and still help yourself"
  • "It's awesome!"
  • "Liked how no one gets kicked out and yet there is strategy"
  • "It is perfect!"
  • "It was fun because you didn't know who was going to win"

What does "FG" mean?

  • It stands for "Fair Go" on the money notes.

Can you buy more than 1 ring per turn?

  • No, you can't.
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