Learn While You Play: 5 Fun Educational Games

Games that are both fun and educational are a wonderful way to engage and motivate students in the classroom. Here are five of our favourite games for learning through play.

1. 4 Social Skills Board Games

This set will help children develop and learn new social skills and behaviours through entertaining games that cover topics of Empathy, Friendship, Manners and Emotions.

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2. 6 Comprehension Games

These games and activities are designed to teach reading comprehension. Children get to use their understanding of words and meaning to complete each activity and win the game.

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3. Alphabet Bingo

Alphabet Bingo is a hands-on alphabet matching game that helps children learn the alphabet and letter sounds.

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4. Adding Money Snap

Help children learn recognise, understand and appreciate money values while having fun. The Adding Money Snap cards use both coin and digital values up to $5.

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5. 6 Conflict and Resolution Games

This set uses different game plays to teach children how to recognise conflict, how to handle it and how to resolve differences in a more positive, solution focused way.

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