Enhance Your Child's Maths Skills with Teacher Superstore's Maths Resources: A Guide for Parents

Mathematics can be a challenging subject for many children, but with the right resources, it can also be a fun and engaging one. At Teacher Superstore, we believe in empowering parents with quality educational resources to support their children's learning. In this blog post, we'll guide you through our comprehensive range of maths resources, designed to make maths interesting, understandable, and enjoyable.

Student Books

Student books are an essential part of any maths toolkit. At Teacher Superstore, we offer a variety of student books catering to different age groups and maths topics. Whether your child is just starting their maths journey with basic counting and number recognition, or delving into more advanced topics like fractions and algebra, our student books provide clear explanations, practical examples, and plenty of practice problems.

Maths Manipulatives

Manipulatives can transform abstract maths concepts into tangible, hands-on learning experiences. Here are some of the maths manipulatives available at Teacher Superstore:

Counters: These simple tools can be used to teach a variety of concepts, from basic counting to more complex operations like addition and subtraction.

Dice and Dominoes: These are excellent tools for teaching probability, addition, and subtraction. They can also make maths games more fun and engaging.

Clocks: Learning to tell time can be a challenge for many children. Our clock manipulatives make this task easier and more interactive.

Flip Charts: These are great for teaching place value, fractions, and other maths concepts. The visual nature of flip charts can help children better understand and remember these concepts.

Fraction Tiles: Fraction tiles can make the concept of fractions more concrete and understandable. They can be used to teach equivalence, addition, subtraction, and comparison of fractions.

Maths Posters

Visual aids like maths posters can be incredibly beneficial in reinforcing maths concepts. A times table poster, for instance, can serve as a constant reminder and reference point for your child. Hanging it in your child's study area or bedroom can help them memorise multiplication facts more easily. We offer a range of maths posters covering a variety of topics, all designed with engaging colours and graphics to attract and hold your child's attention.

Maths is a foundational skill that your child will use throughout their life. By investing in quality maths resources from Teacher Superstore, you can make maths learning more effective and enjoyable for your child. Remember, the key to successful maths learning is understanding, practice, and patience. With the right resources and your support, your child can build strong maths skills and confidence. Happy maths learning!


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