Grob's Basic Electronics 11th Edition

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Grob's Basic Electronics, Eleventh Edition, is written for the beginning student pursuing a technical degree in Electronics Technology.

Availability: Out of Stock Usually Dispatched In: 3 - 7 Business Days ISBN: 9780077410094 Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education Categories: Design TechnologiesElectrotechnologyVocational Education & Training

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Grob's Basic Electronics, Eleventh Edition, is written for the beginning student pursuing a technical degree in Electronics Technology. In covering the fundamentals of electricity and electronics, this text focuses on essential topics for the technician, and the all-important development of testing and troubleshooting skills. This highly practical approach combines clear, carefully-laid-out explanations of key topics with good, worked-out examples and problems to solve. Review problems that follow each section reinforce the material just completed, making this a very student-friendly text. It is a thoroughly accessible introduction to basic DC and AC circuits and electronic devices. This eleventh edition of this longtime best-selling text has been refined, updated and made more student friendly. The focus on absolutely essential knowledge for technicians, and focus on real-world applications of these basic concepts makes it ideal for today's technology students.


  • Laboratory Application Assignments now provided as part of the main text!
    • Located at the end of every chapter, this hands-on exercise allows students to build and test circuits in a laboratory environment. Each lab application assignment reinforces one or more of the main topics covered in the chapter. Short and concise, yet thorough and complete, additional lab supplements may not be necessary. The student CD, included with the book, provides a printable version of each separate lab application assignment.
  • MultiSim files updated to version 10.1
    • MultiSim continues to be a key component in the eleventh edition of Grob's Basic Electronics. All of the MultiSim files contained on the student CD have been updated to MultiSim version 10.1.
  • Enhanced Online Learning Center
    • The Online Learning Center (OLC) has been significantly enhanced for the eleventh edition.
    • For students, a new feature called Study Aid Exercises provides additional worked out examples for each chapter in the text.
    • For instructors, a Lab Performance Project, which can be used as a lab performance test, is available for each chapter in the text. A new Practice Test has also been added for the Introduction to Powers of 10 chapter.


  • Preface
    • I Introduction to Powers of 10
    • Chapter 1. Electricity
    • Chapter 2. Resistors
    • Chapter 3. Ohm’s Law
    • Chapter 4. Series Circuits
    • Chapter 5. Parallel Circuits
    • Chapter 6. Series-Parallel Circuits
    • Chapter 7. Voltage Dividers and Current Dividers
    • Chapter 8. Analog and Digital Multimeters
    • Chapter 9. Kirchhoff ’s Laws
    • Chapter 10. Network Theorems
    • Chapter 11. Conductors and Insulators
    • Chapter 12. Batteries
    • Chapter 13. Magnetism
    • Chapter 14. Electromagnetism
    • Chapter 15. Alternating Voltage and Current
    • Chapter 16. Capacitance
    • Chapter 17. Capacitive Reactance
    • Chapter 18. Capacitive Circuits
    • Chapter 19. Inductance
    • Chapter 20. Inductive Reactance
    • Chapter 21. Inductive Circuits
    • Chapter 22. RC and L/R Time Constants
    • Chapter 23. Alternating Current Circuits
    • Chapter 24. Complex Numbers for AC Circuits
    • Chapter 25. Resonance
    • Chapter 26. Filters
    • Chapter 27. Diodes and Diode Applications
    • Chapter 28. Bipolar Junction Transistors
    • Chapter 29. Transistor Amplifiers
    • Chapter 30. Field Effect Transistors
    • Chapter 31. Power Amplifiers
    • Chapter 32. Thyristors
    • Chapter 33. Operational Amplifiers
    • Appendix A Electrical Symbols and Abbreviations
    • Appendix B older and the Soldering Process
    • Appendix C Listing of Preferred Resistance Values
    • Appendix D Component Schematic Symbols
    • Appendix E Using the Oscilloscope
    • Appendix F Introduction to MultiSim
  • Glossary
  • Answers Self-Tests
  • Answers Odd-Numbered Problems and Critical Thinking Problems
  • Credits
  • Index

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View Sample Chapter

ISBN 9780077410094
Publisher McGraw-Hill Education
Product Type Student Books,
Year Level VET,

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