Your unwanted IT trash could be another school’s IT treasure

In stark contrast to Gen Y, there is a whole generation of children in Africa and Latin America who are growing up in an environment where computers are a rare and highly prized resource. These children will inherit a world in which IT literacy is as essential as the three Rs, and you can help start to close the digital divide today.

By donating your unwanted computers and monitors to Computer Aid International, your school, college or university can empower young people in the developed world to break the cycle of poverty.

Closing the digital divide worldwide

Computer Aid International is the world's largest and most experienced provider of high-quality, professionally refurbished PCs to poor communities in developing countries. To date, they’ve put over 216,814 computers donated by UK education providers, employers and individuals to good use in schools, hospitals and not-for-profit organisations in over 100 countries.

It is estimated that every computer refurbished and supplied by Computer Aid will have a life span of three to four years or more and deliver up to 6,000 hours of IT learning. In human terms, that affords up to 60 students the opportunity to develop their IT literacy to vocational level.

That’s the power of just one donated computer. The potential for schools, colleges and universities to make a difference worldwide is huge. Computer Aid has a long list of education and non-profit organisations in urgent need of IT equipment throughout the developing world. In fact, according to recent World Bank research, there are five or fewer computers per 1,000 people across the majority of Sub-Saharan African countries.

Do your bit and donate

So, next time you have an IT upgrade, think of the lives your unwanted PCs and monitors could change. And rest assured that all data is securely wiped in compliance with WEEE Legistaltion. What’s more, because the goods are tracked, you’ll get to find out exactly who will benefit from your donation.

Read more about the UK’s Computer Aid International online and find out how you can donate. There are plenty of similar charities in Australia and around the world, so don’t let where you live stop you - search the net for similar charities in your region.


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