Top 5 Resources for Learning to Tell the Time

Apart from being a basic mathematical skill, knowing how to tell time is very important in all aspects of our lives. Here are our top five resources for helping children learn to tell the time.

1. EasyRead Clocks

Teaching children to read an analogue clock is made simple with these clearly designed EasyRead clocks. Usi bng a straightforward system of “minutes past/minutes to” the hour, children will soon master how to tell time.

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2. Back to Basics – Time

This full-colour workbook is designed to help children aged 7 to 9 improve their skills with time concepts, in line with Australian Curriculum outcomes. The book includes We Practise sections and removable game cards that allow parents and carers to read, discuss and participate in all activities.

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3. 50 Time Activity Cards

This set of 50 double-sided activity cards is great for teaching time skills, covering topics such as speed, sequencing, clocks, counting, seconds, time devices, digital and analogue, time problems, estimation, probability, 24 hour time, converting time, months, and time zones.

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4. My First Clocks and Time

From the team that created ABC Reading Eggs and Mathseeds, My First Clocks and Time book focuses on early time based maths skills featuring a wide range of educational activities that children will enjoy.

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5. Time Flips

Flip the pages to teach digital time and move the hands to teach analogue time! This fun dual-purpose flip stand also covers both 12-hour and 24-hour time, with colour-coded hours and minutes.

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