Top 5 Matching & Sorting Products

Learning to match and sort is important for young children as it helps them develop their memory, understand patterns and relationships, and improve their concentration. Check out five of our favourite matching and sorting products at Teacher Superstore.

1. Excel Early Skills - Maths: Book 1 - Patterns, Sorting and Matching

The activities in this book give children the opportunity to practise seeing patterns, sorting items into groups, and matching up items.

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2. Let's Match Flip Book – Blends

Match the letter, picture and word pages of this fun Flip Book based on an initial blend.

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3. Mix & Match The Alphabet

Select a card showing a letter of the alphabet, say its sound, then find a picture card that is a match for this sound. If you are correct the two pieces will fit together exactly!

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4. Little Genius Flashcards - Go Fish

This card game opens the door to learning for young children and is fun for the whole family!

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5. Sorting Tray & Lid

This sturdy sorting tray is divided into six sections with a central well, and is perfect for helping children develop sorting and classifying skills..

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