Top 5 Dinosaur themed products

Dinosaurs have long fascinated young learners. Here are five fantastic dinosaur-themed products to keep kids coming back for more!

1. Pocket Eyewitness Dinosaurs

This essential pocket guide provides kids with all the fun facts they need about more than 150 prehistoric animals. Bite-sized chunks of information and eye-catching CGI images show children what the dinosaurs looked like and how they behaved.

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2. First Dinosaur Encyclopedia

Introduce children to dinosaurs with this exciting encyclopaedia. They’ll meet their favourites face to face and discover where dinosaurs came from, how they lived and what happened to them.

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3. DKfindout! Dinosaurs

With incredible images, interesting information, quizzes and fun facts, this book teaches kids everything they would want to know about dinosaurs and the prehistoric world.

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4. Dinosaurs - Merit Stickers

These beautifully illustrated dinosaur stickers are a great addition to any teacher’s toolkit and are perfect for rewarding awesome work and motivating students.

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5. Dinosaur Factivity: Build the Dino

Let your child build a 10-piece Triceratops skeleton and discover hundreds of fun facts and activities about the prehistoric realm in this exciting box set.

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