Science Equipment for the Classroom

Engaging children in science from a young age helps them build their overall awareness of the world and develop the ability to find solutions to everyday problems. Here are five useful pieces of science equipment for your students.

1. Petri Dishes

These plastic petri dishes with safety lids are ideal for your classroom experiments.

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2. Jumbo Magnifiers with Stand

Perfect for scientists and explorers in their early years, these magnifiers are made from high grade plastic – not glass – and offer 4.5x magnification.

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3. Giant Horseshoe Magnet

This powerful, plastic-cased magnet is a great choice for young children.

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4. Graduated Beakers Clear

This set of plastic beakers contains a 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, and 1000ml beaker and is perfect for experiments, volume relation and measuring activities.

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5. Abacus STEM Project Resource Kits

Stocked with handy resources for hands-on learning, these kits have been developed and packaged to provide materials for the STEM Projects Boxes for each year level.

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