Our top picks for Memory Games

Memory games help children improve short and long-term memory, as well as their concentration, attention to detail, visual recognition and critical thinking skills. Oh, and they’re fun to play, too! Here are our top picks for memory games at Teacher Superstore.

1. Flashbot & Flashcards

Flashbot (aka the flash card robot) is hungry to help children learn key reading and mathematical facts! Feed the flash card into Flashbot’s mouth to see the answer magically appear below.

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2. Alphabet Flash Cards

Introduce young children to letters and sounds with these brightly illustrated alphabet flash cards.

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3. 6 Memory Skills Board Games

Memorise, match and spot the difference with this super set of games. They’re sure to provide fun for all ages!

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4. Smart Chute

The Smart Chute is a fun, durable card flipper designed to help children learn key literacy and numeracy concepts and develop memory skills

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5. Memory Trainer

The award-winning Memory Trainer is designed to encourage social interaction, develop language skills, and improve children’s observation and concentration.

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