Library and Research Resources for Primary Students

In a world where “fake news” is easy to find, being able to ask good questions and evaluate information is invaluable. Developing library and research skills from a young age will hold children in good stead in school beyond. Here are some of our favourite library and research resources for primary schools.

1. Internet Activities for Little Kids

The activities in these books are designed to help young students develop basic research skills using the internet as an information source. The links supplied in the book have been verified by the author.

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2. Enjoying the Library

This blackline master series comprises a hands-on library program designed for use by both classroom teachers and library specialists in any primary school library, regardless of the number of resources available. The series aims to make students independent library users who can choose and use appropriate, relevant library resources.

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3. Library Literacy

This book encourages students to develop information literacy skills through use of the school library. The activities give students the opportunity to learn how to utilise the resources available to them to collect information, organise it and use it in a variety of ways.

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4. Study and Research

These blackline masters contain student activity pages covering the skills required for efficient study and research. Students can follow recognised steps in the research process, from understanding the assignment to writing the final draft.

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5. Learning About Libraries

This series is designed to help classroom teachers teach students the skills required when using the library, as well as promote a love of literature. An easy-to-follow step by step guide of the research process is provided, along with teaching tips for each topic.

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