Learn Phonics with these great resources

Learning phonics is an important part of a child’s literacy, allowing them to decode letters into sounds and read unfamiliar words. We’ve rounded up five wonderful phonics resources to put kids on the path to reading success.

1. Alphabet Letter Sounds

Designed by Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists, this resource focuses on building an understanding of alphabet sounds as the key to early literacy learning. Children are provided with multiple opportunities to rehearse the recognition, application and letter formation of the alphabet sounds.

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2. Decoding - Teach Me Tags

These handy key ring flash cards are perfect for on-the-go learning. Help your child learn the connection of the written text and the sound of spoken English with topics like blends, long and short vowel sounds.

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3. Double Sounds Are Fun Poster

This brightly coloured poster features eye-catching, phonetically correct image representations and will help early learners in repeating and recognising sounds.

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4. Flip Book Phonics

This series is designed help students become great readers by developing basic phonemic awareness and basic phonemic skills in a fun way. Students can keep their flip books and use them as a personal reference for revision and clarity.

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5. Giant Rainbow Phonics

This hands-on magnetic resource is a great classroom tool for teaching children about letters and sounds. The size of the letters makes them ideal for use with the whole class or in group activities.

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