Best Selling Primary Student Workbooks

Great workbooks allow students to practise and understand important concepts and retain the information they have learnt. These popular student workbooks are ideal for whole class and whole-school programs.

1. Sound Waves Spelling

Informed by research on the best practices for teaching spelling, the Sound Waves Spelling program incorporates phonemic awareness, synthetic phonics, morphology and etymology. The colourful Student Books consolidate the explicit teaching of phonemes, graphemes and focus concepts.

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2. Science Now

The Science Now series directly supports the Australian Curriculum Science component, giving students a sound understanding of biological, chemical, physical and astronomical sciences through the various content strands: Science Understanding, Science as a Human Endeavour and Science Enquiry Skills.

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3. Targeting Maths Australian Curriculum

Each level of the Targeting Maths student books has been specifically written to meet the Australian Curriculum requirements. By working through the book, students improve their ability to think mathematically, problem solve and communicate their answers in a variety of ways.

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4. Oxford Grammar

Oxford Grammar is aligned to the Australian Curriculum: English, exploring key grammatical concepts and providing students with the tools they need for effective communication. The student books use appealing stimulus pages and authentic literary texts to model grammar in context at the word, sentence and text level, with related writing activities for practice.

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5. iMaths

iMaths is a unique investigation-based numeracy program that addresses the content and proficiency strands of the Australian Curriculum. Students are immersed in relevant, real-life maths investigations, while teachers are provided with the tools to tailor the program to students of different abilities and accurately assess their knowledge.

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