Best Selling Psychology Resources

Our brains are incredible things and understanding how people think, behave and feel is an intriguing field of study. Here are five of our favourite psychology resources available at Teacher Superstore.

1. The Little Book of Psychology

With the use of powerful and easy-to-follow images, quotations from all the major thinkers, and explanations that are easily understandable, The Little Book of Psychology demystifies hard-to-grasp concepts and shows how these have shaped our knowledge of the human mind. This portable book is ideal for students or for anyone with a general interest in the fascinating area of psychology.

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2. Creelman Exam Questions - Psychology Units 3&4

Using actual Psychology WACE exam questions from previous years, the Psychology Creelman Exam Questions provides students with a structured resource for revision. The questions are arranged in topics with model answers, giving students the confidence to tackle their Psychology exams.

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3. How the Brain Works

Drawing on the latest neuroscience research, How the Brain Works is a visual guide that makes the hidden workings of the human brain simple to understand. With bold graphics, step-by-step artworks, bite-sized factoids and question-and-answer features, this is a fascinating introduction to our brain’s anatomy and function.

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4. Psychology: Self and Others

The Psychology: Self and Others student books and complementary workbooks fully cover the Western Australia course content and provide a comprehensive understanding of 'Self and Others'. Students are also encouraged to think about psychology in a broader context.

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5. The Psychology Book

How does the brain remember faces? What makes us choose one decision over another? Where does language come from? The Psychology Book is an innovative and accessible guide to the study of human nature. More than 100 groundbreaking ideas in this fascinating field of science are clearly explained in this book.

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