Best Selling Resources for Learning the Alphabet

The alphabet forms the building blocks for reading and communicating. Here are five of our most popular resources for helping children to learn and master the alphabet.

1. My Alphabet Scrapbook

These large-format scrapbooks are full of diverse writing, tracing and drawing activities – covering New South Wales Foundation Style, Queensland Beginner’s Alphabet and Victorian Modern Cursive. Teaching notes are also included in the books.

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2. Alphabet Bingo

This colourful alphabet matching game helps teach the alphabet and letter sounds. The game is ideal for hands-on teacher/student learning or for playing with friends.

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3. Learning the Alphabet

This Excel Early Skills workbook teaches children to recognise all the letters in the alphabet. Activities give kids plenty of opportunities to practise and reinforce their skills.

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4. Alphabet Fun Flash Cards

These flash cards help children learn letters and beginning sounds in an engaging way. This set also includes a parent card of suggested games and activities you can play with these cards.

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5. Giant Alphabet

These large magnetic letters are easy for small fingers to handle and can help develop motor skills, as well as teaching children letter recognition, alphabet sequencing and basic CVC words. They’re also great for use on teachers’ whiteboards for whole-class activities.

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