Best Selling Personal Development and Values Education Resources

We know school isn’t just about the grades. Fostering the development of important life skills and good values in students will help them grow into mentally healthy individuals and citizens of good character well beyond the classroom. We’ve rounded up our best selling personal development and values education resources to support you in helping your students.

1. Life Skills Series

Life Skills comprises four books:

  • Bullying and Conflict
  • Family Relationships
  • Grief, Illness and Other Issues
  • Self Esteem and Values

This innovative series was developed to provide busy classroom teachers with practical and relevant ideas for enhancing essential life skills in individual students. Activities can be used in one-on-one discussions or as whole class activities and each book in this series contains extensive background notes for teachers, parents and students.

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2. My Wellbeing Journal

My Wellbeing Journals allow students to express their feelings, fears, goals, struggles and opinions without fear of judgement from others. The journals easy to use and designed to help children develop techniques for coping with life’s challenges. The accompanying Teacher’s Manuals – created by primary school teacher and social and emotional learning consultant Rose Pennington – provide background information on each topic as well as lesson plans and additional materials to aid in the teaching of wellbeing.

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3. Feelings & Emotions 50 Cards

These 50 cards are designed to encourage thinking and development in key social and emotional aspects of learning. They have a photographic image on one side, and activities for enquiry in class, group/talk-partner discussion or circle time on the other.

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4. Character Values Merit Stickers

These colourful stickers are ideal for recognising and rewarding students’ positive behaviour.

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5. Values Education Toolkit Series

The Values Education Toolkit is a series of blackline masters based around the Six Kinds of Best concept. The series has been designed to support the teaching of values education in primary and lower secondary schools.

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