5 Space Themed Resources

Help your students or kids explore the final frontier with these enthralling space-themed resources.

1. Code: STEM: Space Tech

This book allows children to build their Scratch coding skills while recreating space technology. Young coders can learn about gravity, create a jetpack game, program a spaceship's return to Earth and much more.

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2. Astronomy: A Visual Guide

Designed to cover every aspect of astronomy, this reference book is the ideal guide for amateur astronomers. Children will take a visual tour of the Solar System and discover more about astronomical phenomena.

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3. DKfindout! Solar System

Full of beautiful images, fun facts and quizzes, this book will inspire and teach any eager young learner everything they want to know the solar system.

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4. DKfindout! Space Travel

Packed with amazing images and exciting facts about the astronauts who explored space, including Yuri Gagarin and Neil Armstrong, this book will delight children interested in the wonders of space travel.

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5. Maths Problem Solving: Space

Engage children in mathematics with real-life problem solving centred around the theme of space. It includes tips and tricks to make solving maths problems easy, with the level of maths progressing as you go through the book.

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