5 Resources for teaching Geometry

Geometry helps students understand spatial relationships and their place in the world. It is also connected to the visual arts and can be a gateway for students who don’t consider themselves mathematically inclined. We’ve rounded up five great resources for teaching children geometry.

1. Geoboard Gems

This book uses Geoboards as the basis for Australian Curriculum-linked activities designed to develop understanding of geometry and measurement concepts in a hands-on way.

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2. Skeletal Starter Geo Set

This construction set introduces children to basic geometric shapes and develops their creative and problem-solving skills.

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3. 50 Geoboard Activity Cards

These double-sided activity cards use geoboards to teach a range of mathematical skills. One side of the card provides teaching objectives, resources used and procedure, while the other provides clear visual examples.

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4. Australian Curriculum Mathematics - Measurement and Geometry

Written specifically to support the national curriculum, this series is designed to help teachers implement the Measurement and Geometry strand of Australian Curriculum Mathematics from Foundation to Year 6.

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5. Geometry – Chute Cards

These cards cover 50 geometrical definitions, helping students learn important mathematical concepts.

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