5 Fun Learning Block Sets

Blocks are a wonderful learning tool for children, helping them to develop motor skills, spatial reasoning and creativity – as well as being great fun! Take a look at five of our favourite learning block sets.

1. Plastic Solid Pattern Blocks

These 5mm-thick blocks in classic shapes and colours are made from solid plastic and tough enough to withstand years of classroom use.

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2. CVC Tri-Blocks Tub

Children can learn phonemic awareness, word building and spelling by turning these blocks to manipulate the middle vowel sound or change a spelling with a consonant.

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3. Tri-Blocks Tub

With 90 colour-coded blocks and a teaching guide, children can use this set to build words and learn about short vowels, long vowels, adjacent consonants, split digraphs, multi-syllabic words and adding suffixes.

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4. COKO - Black/White Lowercase Letters

These Foundation script letter blocks are a hands-on way of helping children learn to identify and distinguish lower case letters.

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5. COKO - Capital Letters

Using these fun letter blocks, children can learn to identify and distinguish single sounds and combinations that letters represent in words and sentences.

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