5 Fun Big Books

Big books are great for joint reading activities, helping children develop their confidence and language skills, and keeping the class engaged in their learning. Here are five fun big books you can get from Teacher Superstore.

1. I Spy Shapes

How many shapes can you spy? Readers are invited to find shapes in the world around them as they read along with the rhyming text.

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2. In the Fairy Tale Woods

Readers will meet and get a chance to help out their favourite fairy tale characters in this rhyming puzzle book.

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3. The Fun Machines

Teach children about addition and subtraction while building on their natural love of stories and learning in this fun book.

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4. I Spy

You can introduce young children to positional language through this engaging storybook.

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5. Shoes in Twos

Children will learn to count in twos while developing their literacy with this entertaining maths storybook.

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