Best selling resources for teaching Japanese

Japanese is widely taught as an additional language in Australian schools, with students gaining the benefits of language learning and intercultural exchange for over 100 years. Check out five of our top selling resources for teaching Japanese.

1. Hiragana in 48 Minutes - Teacher Card Set

These flashcards support the teaching and learning of Hiragana characters by encouraging students to link their shape and sound with words, images or concepts they already know.

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2. iiTomo 1: Combo Pack - 2nd Edition

Combining print and digital versions for more flexibility and personalised support, this pack contains the iiTomo Student Book, eBook and Activity Book. The books are aligned to the Australian Curriculum and provide the tools to allow students to be able to read and write quickly and confidently.

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3. Obento Deluxe - Student Book

This edition of the market-leading series for Japanese language students in Years 7 to 10 has been updated for greater alignment with the Australian Curriculum. Catering to a range of learning styles, this book contains a strong emphasis on cultural and intercultural teaching and learning, carefully integrated in a communicative approach.

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4. Kookoo Seikatsu - Book 1

This comprehensive resource for secondary Japanese students features and easy-to-use write-in page design and covers all the 200 Kanji characters required by the study design. A teacher solutions manual contains solutions to all the exercises in the book.

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5. Konnichi Wa

Full of stunning photography, this fact-filled book is a great guide to all 118 elements in the periodic table. Budding young scientists will get a concise history of chemistry and learn where each element comes from and what it’s used for, in easy-to-understand language.

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