Best Magnetic Tools for the Classroom

Want to get something to stick? Use a magnet! Magnetic tools are a fun way to support your students’ learning in the classroom. Here are five of our favourite magnetic resources.

1. Magnetic Writing Sheets

Magnetic Writing Sheets with dotted-thirds to use for writing activities and help in lesson preparation. Can be read from 10m away, with ease.

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2. Whiteboard Tools Complete Set

Set containing a 43cm compass, 40cm 180° protractor, foldable 100cm ruler and two set squares – designed for use with chalkboards or whiteboards using markers or chalk. All the tools except the compass are magnetic.

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3. Counters – Two Colour Magnetic

25 red and 25 yellow counters. EVA foam with magnet backing.

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4. Rainbow Phonics – Magnetic Letters

Set of 84 magnetic foam letters with unique in-built magnetic board. Children build new words on the magnetic board as they discover new letter patterns.

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5. Pattern Blocks – Regular Magnetic

Ideal for maths and play on a magnetic white board.

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Do you use magnetic tools in your classroom?


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