Australian Curriculum History – primary school resources

The following Primary School teaching resources, by Australia's leading educational publishers have been specifically created to align with the contents of the new Australian History Curriculum.

Australian History Series

Australian History Series at Teacher Superstore The Australian History Series has been written for students living in Australia who are studying History in Kindergarten/Pre-Primary through to Year 7. All of the activity sheets in these books have been carefully constructed to meet the requirements of the Australian National Curriculum.

  • Foundation: Personal and Family Histories
  • Year 1: Family Life
  • Year 2: The Past in the Present
  • Year 3: Community and Remembrance
  • Year 4: First Contacts
  • Year 5: The Australian Colonies
  • Year 6: Australia as a Nation
  • Year 7: The Ancient World

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Australian Curriculum History

Australian History Series at Teacher Superstore Australian Curriculum History is a seven-book series linked to the requirements of the Australian National Curriculum for each stage of primary school from Foundation to Year 6. Each book is organised into sections dependent on the number of content descriptions in the Historical Knowledge and Understanding strand for that year. Within each section is a number of 4-page units which explore different aspects of the content description linked to the key inquiry questions. The activities in each unit give students the opportunity to practise historical skills while addressing concepts which aid historical understanding. Where appropriate, links between the content of each unit and the general capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities have been recognised.

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Discovering History

Discovering History at Teacher Superstore Discovering History is a comprehensive, three-level teacher resource that assists with the implementation, lesson planning and on-going teaching of the Australian Curriculum History. Discovering History provides teachers with clear pedagogy, linked with teaching and learning activities, that will inspire you to develop creative lessons to engage your students. A broad range of non-fiction history topic books are also available in this series. These student books are aligned with the topics covered in the Australian Curriculum: History. They provide an excellent tool for students to conduct independent research while promoting and developing their literacy skills.

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History Inquiry Topics

History Inquiry Topics at Teacher Superstore History Inquiry Topics provide Inquiry Learning units of work for the Australian Curriculum: History. Each book is a complete Inquiry Learning unit for a topic from the Curriculum, organised as a series of lessons that step through the Inquiry Learning process.


  • Curriculum links
  • Background information for teachers
  • Resource sheets
  • Inquiry Learning activities
  • Worksheets

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