Write Now! Book 3

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An engaging approach to learning grammar and language conventions.

Availability: Available Usually Dispatched In: 3 - 7 Business Days ISBN: 9781921015229 Brand/Publisher: Blake Education Categories: EnglishWritingSpellingLanguageGrammar

Part of the series Write Now!.

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Studying grammar, punctuation and spelling does not have to be difficult or boring! The Write Now! series uses fun texts to teach the important elements of grammar, language and punctuation skills.

Topics include:

  • Prince Myron’s Hairy Quest Part 1 - Nouns: proper, collective, common, abstract, nasty nouns, capital letters and full stops
  • Prince Myron’s Hairy Quest Part 2 - Nouns: gender, number, plural spelling strategies, vowels, syllables, consonants, question marks, exclamation marks
  • Extreme Water Sports - Verbs: main, auxiliary, quotation marks, vital verbs
  • Oz Extreme - Tense: present, past, future, tense spelling strategy
  • Totally Me - Pronouns: personal, possessive, British and American spelling, informal language, visual writing
  • Totally Me Plus Others - Pronouns: 1st, 2nd, 3rd person, paragraphs and commas, P words
  • Aliens on Earth Part 1 - Adjectives: positive, comparative, superlative, synonyms and antonyms
  • Aliens on Earth Part 2 - Similes, metaphors, alliteration,
  • A-list Kevin is Missing! Part 1 - Adverbs: manner, time, place, verbs, apostrophes, SBDs
  • Kevin is Missing! Part 2 - Adverbs and abbreviations, adverb spelling strategies
  • Camp Boondox - Nouns: subject-verb agreement, capital letters, full stops and quotation marks
  • Spooky Stuff - Prepositions, writing numbers, witch words, SBDs
  • More Spooky Stuff - Prepositional phrases, personification, contractions
  • Preena’s Place - Conjunctions, clauses, prefixes, ‘ie’-‘ei’ spelling strategy
  • Boardrats - Jargon, Netspeak, homonyms, hyphens and abbreviations
  • Banned! - Interjections, pronouns, i - words, Shakespearean insults
  • Weird World - Articles, tense, colons, referencing
  • Total Recall Grammar Quiz
  • Super Serious Edit
  • Mega Spelling Test
ISBN 9781921015229
Publisher Blake Education
Product Type Student Books,
Year Level Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10,
Author(s) Andrea Hayes

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