Targeting Handwriting WA - Teacher Resource Book: Year 1

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The Targeting Handwriting series is the only handwriting program that supports teachers with a resource book for each year in Lower Primary.

Availability: Available Usually Dispatched In: 5 - 10 Business Days ISBN: 9781920728540 Brand/Publisher: Pascal Press Categories: EnglishHandwritingWestern Australia

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The Targeting Handwriting series is the only handwriting program that supports teachers with a resource book for each year in Lower Primary. The books provide information regarding stages of development and common problems relevant to the age group. There is a Teacher Resource Book to accompany each level - Pre-Primary, Year 1 and Year 2. Also available, Targeting Handwriting WA Student Books:
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  • an eight-week day by day Fine Motor Skills Program
  • worksheets for basic pattern practice
  • three practice pages for each letter on which students track, trace and write their own letters
  • left-handed alternatives for some upper-case letters
  • worksheets for practice of numerals 1-10
  • a seahorse character to introduce positioning of letters within lines
  • information on the mechanics of writing, e. g. posture, pencil grip and paper position
  • templates of fun props to make for demonstrating handwriting patterns
  • over 100 worksheets for extra practice of each letter
  • specific teaching notes on all the different joins
  • a troubleshooting cart to help you identify and remedy handwriting difficulties

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Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Pre-Primary Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Pre-Primary_sample-page1 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Pre-Primary_sample-page2 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Pre-Primary_sample-page3 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Pre-Primary_sample-page4 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Pre-Primary_sample-page5 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Pre-Primary_sample-page6 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Pre-Primary_sample-page7 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Pre-Primary_sample-page8 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Pre-Primary_sample-page9 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Pre-Primary_sample-page10 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Pre-Primary_sample-page11 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Pre-Primary_sample-page12 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Pre-Primary_sample-page13

Year 1

  • ideas for lesson warm-ups
  • hints for the reintroduction and consolidation of letter formation
  • over 100 worksheets, including three practice pages per letter
  • activities that focus on placement of letters within lines, movement patterns and wedges
  • a seahorse character to highlight positioning of letters within lines
  • left-handed alternatives for some upper-case letters
  • tracing of sight words that begin with the focus letter, and of sentences including words beginning with the letter
  • numeral and number word practice worksheet
  • word games, puzzles and phonics activities that incorporate handwriting practice

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Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Year-1 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Year-1-sample-page1 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Year-1-sample-page2 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Year-1-sample-page3 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Year-1-sample-page4 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Year-1-sample-page5 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Year-1-sample-page6 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Year-1-sample-page7 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Year-1-sample-page8 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Year-1-sample-page9 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Year-1-sample-page10 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Year-1-sample-page11 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Year-1-sample-page12 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Year-1-sample-page13

Year 2

  • ideas for lesson warm-ups
  • over 100 worksheets, including three practice pages for each letter
  • tracking, tracing and independent writing activities for lower-and upper-case letters
  • left-handed alternatives for some upper-case letters
  • letter practice using clusters of words which are linked by theme, have a similar phonic pattern, or are often found in Year 2 spelling lists
  • practice of numerals, number words and punctuation
  • fun puzzles and sorting activities that incorporate handwriting practice
  • a focus on reducing students' reliance on scaffolds and increased student responsibility for producing handwriting of consistent size, shape, spacing and slope

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Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Year-2 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Year-2-sample-page1 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Year-2-sample-page2 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Year-2-sample-page3 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Year-2-sample-page4 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Year-2-sample-page5 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Year-2-sample-page6 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Year-2-sample-page7 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Year-2-sample-page8 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Year-2-sample-page9 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Year-2-sample-page10 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Year-2-sample-page11 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Year-2-sample-page12 Targeting-Handwriting-WA-Teacher-Resource-Book-Year-2-sample-page13

ISBN 9781920728540
Publisher Pascal Press
Product Type Teacher Resources,
Year Level Year 1,

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