Oxford Literacy Guided Reading - Levels 12-17

Transitional Stage

Students reading Oxford Literacy texts from Levels 12-17 are described as reading at the "Transitional" stage of the Oxford Literacy reading program. Typically readers at this level are required to:

  • Infer meaning from pictures, photographs and a range of visual communicators
  • Read complex sentences and understand that a conjunction has been used to bind two phrases, with one being dependent on the other for meaning
  • Use organisational features in non-fiction texts to add information and gain greater meaning
  • Use punctuation to assist with fluency and phrasing, and comprehension of a range of texts
  • Reflect on story or information to help with meaning
  • Integrate all three cueing systems through questioning (e.g. "How did I work that word out?")
  • Cross-check meaning and other cues to confirm vocabulary
  • Demonstrate persistence and re-read if necessary
  • Use glossary and non-fiction text features, such as indexes and headings, to retrieve information

Transitional Stage Information

Student Texts

The Oxford Literacy student text versions include:

  • a range of fiction and non-fiction titles
  • non-fiction titles written for Australian Curriculum: English, History, Science and Mathematics, making reading even more meaningful and relevant (levels 1-23)
  • a range of fonts and visual devices, all with appropriate support
  • a language focus that corresponds to both the Oxford Wordlist and the Oxford Wordlist Plus
  • recurring Oxford Literacy characters

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