Oxford Literacy Guided Reading

The Oxford Literacy guided reading books for levels 1-30 have been designed for the first three years of school. The books support students by using their language and reflecting their interests, and include words from the Oxford Wordlist, the most up-to-date Australian research.

Oxford Literacy caters for guided reading groups within the classroom. The texts and teaching versions allow teachers to work with small groups of students, catering to their identified learning needs across a range of levels within each reading stage.

The Oxford Literacy series identifies six stages of reading ability: Beginner (Levels 1-2), Emergent (Levels 3-5), Early (Levels 6-11), Transitional (Levels 12-17), Extending (Levels 18-23) and Fluent (Levels 24-30).

Reading Stage Information

Beginner  Emergent  Early  Transitional  Extending  Fluent

Student Texts

The Oxford Literacy student text versions include:

  • a range of fiction and non-fiction titles
  • non-fiction titles written for Australian Curriculum: English, History, Science and Mathematics, making reading even more meaningful and relevant (levels 1-23)
  • a range of fonts and visual devices, all with appropriate support
  • a language focus that corresponds to both the Oxford Wordlist and the Oxford Wordlist Plus
  • recurring Oxford Literacy characters

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