Middle Years Developing Numeracy - Measurement and Space: Book 2

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Practical activities that are designed to improve and consolidate students' skills in measurement and space.

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Part of the series Middle Years Developing Numeracy - Measurement and Space -.

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Practical activities that are designed to improve and consolidate students' skills in measurement and space. 64 pages of maths activities featuring real-life and theoretical contexts; with each task carefully graded, and the level of difficulty progressing from Book 1 through to Book 3. Includes teacher's notes, and answers for time-efficient marking. Suitable for Middle Years 5-8.

Book 2 Topics Include

  • Geometrical Reasoning
  • Vocabulary, Notation and Labelling Conventions
  • Sum of the Angles of a Quadrilateral and Calculate Interior and Exterior Angles of Triangles and Quadrilaterals
  • Alternate Angles and Corresponding Angles
  • Solve Geometrical Problems using Side and Angle Properties of Equilateral, Isosceles and Right-Angled Triangles and special Quadrilaterals
  • Visualise and Sketch 2-D Shapes and Solve Geometrical Problems
  • Geometric Properties of Cuboids and Shapes made from Cuboids
  • Transform 2-D Shapes by Simple Translations, Rotations, and Combinations
  • Identify all the Symmetries of 2-D Shapes
  • The Language and Notation of Enlargement
  • Enlarging 2-D Shapes
  • Make Simple Scale Drawings
  • Coordinates
  • Construction and Loci
  • Use Straight Edge and Compasses to Construct Shapes
  • Construct a Triangle given Three Sides
  • Find Simple Loci by Reasoning and Using ICT to Produce Shapes and Paths
  • Using Units of Measurement to Estimate, Calculate and Solve Problems involving Length, Area, Volume, Capacity, Mass, Time
  • Use Units of Measurement to Estimate, Calculate and Solve Problems in Everyday Contexts
  • Metric Equivalents of Imperial Measures in Daily Use
  • Use Bearings to Dpecify Direction
  • Deduce and Use Formulae for the Area of a Triangle, Parallelogram and Trapezium
  • Calculate Areas of Compound Shapes made from Rectangles and Triangles
  • Calculate Surface Areas and Volume of Cuboids and Shapes made of Cuboids

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Middle-Years-Developing-Numeracy-Measurement-and-Space-Book-2_sample-page1 Middle-Years-Developing-Numeracy-Measurement-and-Space-Book-2_sample-page2 Middle-Years-Developing-Numeracy-Measurement-and-Space-Book-2_sample-page3 Middle-Years-Developing-Numeracy-Measurement-and-Space-Book-2_sample-page4 Middle-Years-Developing-Numeracy-Measurement-and-Space-Book-2_sample-page5 Middle-Years-Developing-Numeracy-Measurement-and-Space-Book-2_sample-page6 Middle-Years-Developing-Numeracy-Measurement-and-Space-Book-2_sample-page7 Middle-Years-Developing-Numeracy-Measurement-and-Space-Book-2_sample-page8 Middle-Years-Developing-Numeracy-Measurement-and-Space-Book-2_sample-page9 Middle-Years-Developing-Numeracy-Measurement-and-Space-Book-2_sample-page10 Middle-Years-Developing-Numeracy-Measurement-and-Space-Book-2_sample-page11 Middle-Years-Developing-Numeracy-Measurement-and-Space-Book-2_sample-page12

Uses and Benefits of the Books

  • Supplementary classroom lessons
  • Homework activities
  • Reinforcement of learning
  • Extension work for advanced students
  • Preparation for assessment
  • Exam revision Teaching Benefits
  • Creative teaching ideas
  • Developing greater student interest and understanding
  • A fresh approach to a topic or lesson
  • A way of targeting student weaknesses
  • Suitable for individual or group work
  • A variety of activities for home study
ISBN 9781921015274
Publisher Blake Education
Product Type Teacher Resources,
Year Level Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, Year 8,
Author(s) Hilary Koll and Steve Mills

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