Macmillan History - Year 3: Non-Fiction Topic Book - Land of Many Cultures (Single Title)

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A single copy of Macmillan History - Year 3: Non-Fiction Topic Book - Land of Many Cultures .

Availability: Out of Stock Usually Dispatched In: 3 - 7 Business Days ISBN: 9781458659873 Brand/Publisher: Macmillan Categories: HistoryCultural & IndigenousLiteracyLiteracyCulture & Identity

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A single copy of Macmillan History - Year 3: Non-Fiction Topic Book - Land of Many Cultures.

Series Information

Macmillan History resources support teachers to plan and implement history inquiries with ease and confidence.

Macmillan History is designed to satisfy the two interrelated strands of the Australian Curriculum, the NSW Syllabus and the Victorian Curriculum:

  • Historical Knowledge and Understanding
  • Historical and Inquiry Skills

Guided Inquiry Approach for History

Utilising a skills-based guided-inquiry framework, Macmillan History provides a structured approach for investigating the key inquiry questions of the curriculum.

Resources provide multiple pathways for the differentiated classroom. Assessment rubrics are available for each stage to identify students’ progress.

Year 3 - Diverse Communities, Places and People

Macmillan History - Year 3 resources assist students to learn about the historical features of their communities, through the exploration of diverse communities and places and the contributions people make.

Year 4 - How People, Places and Environments Interact

Macmillan History - Year 4 resources assist students to learn about how people, places and environments have interacted in the past and present. Resources focus on world exploration and colonisation, and the e ects these activities had on Australia.

Year 5 - Australian Colonial Communities

Macmillan History - Year 5 resources assist students to develop historical understanding about Australian colonial communities in the 1800s. Resources focus on the establishment of British colonies in Australia and what life was like for di erent groups of people in that period, and the reasons people chose to come to Australia. The resources also examine how colonial settlement changed the environment, and the signi cant events and people that shaped Australia.

Year 6 - Australia's Connections with a Diverse World

Macmillan History - Year 6 resources assist students to learn about Australia’s connections with a diverse world, particularly after 1900. Resources focus on the development of Australia’s path to Federation and the changes in Australian society throughout the 1900s re ected in experiences of democracy, government and citizenship for di erent groups. There is also a focus on the development of Australia through the contributions of notable individuals and organisations.

Key Component Features at Each Year Level


Imaginative, informative and persuasive short texts accompanied by a vocabulary pre-teaching feature.

  • 48pp
  • A4
  • Full-colour texts

Nonfiction Topic Books x12

Informative texts with vocabulary support and a variety of text and illustrative features.

  • 32pp
  • 247mm x 190mm
  • Full-colour texts

Narrative and Biography Topic Books x4

Narratives or Biographies – longer texts that explore topics more deeply.

  • Years 3 & 4: 56pp
  • Years 5 & 6: 72pp
  • 198mm x 129mm

Teacher Resource Book

Lesson plans, activities, curriculum links, assessment rubrics and activity reproducibles.

  • Years 3 & 4: 124pp
  • Years 5 & 6: 174pp
  • A4


eBooks of components as non-printable PDFs. Reproducibles provided as separate printable PDFs.

  • Disc in DVD package

Come On a Journey with Macmillan History

Macmillan History provides resources that encourage students to investigate, ask questions, analyse sources and develop an informed understanding of the past.

The guided inquiry framework* that underpins Macmillan History takes students through a direct and explicit process of tuning in, nding and sorting out, going further, drawing conclusions and taking action.

*The guided inquiry framework is adapted from a seminar by Ross Todd and Lyn Hay for SybaSigns, ‘The National Curriculum: Developing a Guided Inquiry & Web 2.0 Approach’, 21 June 2013, and is based on the work of Kuhlthau, CC, Maniotes, LK, and Caspari, AK, Guided Inquiry Design: A Framework for Inquiry in Your School, Libraries Unlimited, 2012.

Teacher Resource Book

Each inquiry unit provides curriculum links and key inquiry information. Detailed lesson plans include guidance notes for using the Anthology and the Topic Books, as well as curated third- party digital resources such as videos and websites.

  • Background information about each key inquiry question
  • Structured activities and resources to explicitly teach research skills
  • Assessment rubrics for customising content to students’ needs
  • Student self-evaluation assessment rubrics
  • Reproducible activity sheets


  • Includes eBooks (PDF) for all titles, with reproducibles for printing
  • For modelling and shared teaching sessions
  • Students can use independently and annotate, create notes and highlight text
  • For use on all devices, including iPads, computers and interactive whiteboards


Short texts give an introductory overview and allow students to explore the central ideas behind key inquiry questions.

  • Appealing and engaging magazine format
  • Introductory overviews and snapshots
  • A breadth of perspectives relating to each key inquiry question
  • A range of reading experiences, including informative, imaginative and persuasive texts
  • A variety of text and illustrative features: timelines, maps, photographs, graphs
  • Primary source materials included
  • Key historical terms de ned in context

Topic Books

Longer texts encourage students to explore topics more deeply and extend their knowledge with vocabulary support, fact boxes, maps, graphs and a range of illustrations.

Nonfiction Topic Books

  • Detailed coverage for exploring speci c topic areas in depth
  • A variety of text and illustrative features, including timelines, maps, photographs, graphs
  • Primary source materials included
  • Key historical terms defined in context

Narrative and Biography Topic Books

  • Detailed coverage for investigating speci c topic areas in depth
  • Illustrations to support the text
  • Primary source materials included in Biography Topic Books
ISBN 9781458659873
Publisher Macmillan
Product Type Readers & Literacy,
Year Level Year 3,

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