Top 5 Resources to Prepare Year 12s for Exams

Year 12 is typically a stressful time in a young person’s life. But right now, students are living through a global pandemic that has already disrupted their schooling and added an extra layer of uncertainty to life after school. It may be difficult to focus on exams in the current climate, but fortunately help is at hand! Here are our top five resources to help Year 12s prepare for their exams.

1. Academic Associates

Academic Associates study guides and exam revision resources are specifically designed to help students in WA build their understanding and meet the requirements of their ATAR courses. The range also includes study guides for students in lower year levels preparing for upper school.

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2. ATAR Notes Topic Tests

ATAR Notes arms HSC and VCE students with practice tests they can use to build their confidence in every topic of their course. These books contain detailed solutions demonstrating exactly what a high-scoring response looks like, accompanied by explanatory notes and hints to help you excel.

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3. Creelman Exam Questions

Creelman Exam Questions use actual questions from previous years’ WACE exams to help students prepare, with questions grouped into syllabus topics with model answers.

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4. Cambridge Checkpoints

Cambridge Checkpoints incorporates recent exam papers and changes to the curriculum, providing HSC, QCE and VCE students with an up-to-date study and revision guide to help them succeed.

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5. A+ Mathematics

A+ Mathematics provides comprehensive practice exam books and easy-to-use study guides for VCE mathematics subjects.

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Do you have any study tips and advice for students preparing for their exams?


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