Top 5 Craft Resources for Creative Classroom Activities

Looking for fun resources for your creative, hands-on activities? We’ve got you covered. Here are five of our favourite craft resources for creative classroom activities – we’re sure you and your students will love them too!

1. Skateboard Deck

This Serayha plywood board provides a sturdy surface to paint on, but also offers students a great way to have their artwork seen in the community. Design their own custom skateboards to hang on a wall.

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2. Ceramic Baubles

These plain baubles can be decorated with a range of paints including porcelain markers and colour slix to create individual hanging decorations.

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3. Sea Shells

An assortment of approximately 300 natural shells.

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4. Air Drying Clay

This modelling material can be used to create various objects such as jewellery, ornaments and figurines. No baking is required, object will set hard when left to dry in open air.

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5. Straws

A selection of brightly coloured straws with 4 different diameters (10 mm, 6 mm, 5 mm, and 2 mm), all 21 cm long, enables the user to slot one straw size into another. The 5 mm diameter straws have a flexible join ideal for construction work.

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Do you like crafting with kids? What’s your favourite creative activity? Let us know.


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