New releases by R.I.C. Publications

The following Primary School teaching resources are the latest releases by one of Australia's leading educational publishers, R.I.C. Publications. All resources below are now available for purchase from Teacher Superstore.

Australian Curriculum Mathematics – Statistics and Probability

Australian Curriculum Mathematics - Statistics and Probability: Book 3 Australian Curriculum Mathematics – Statistics and Probability (Foundation to Year 6) is a series of three teacher resource books, written by Clare Way, that support teaching and learning activities in Australian Curriculum Mathematics. The books focus on the Statistics and Probability content strands of the Australian Curriculum Mathematics. The resource books include theoretical background information, resource sheets, hands-on activities and assessment activities, along with links to other curriculum areas. The two sub-strands are included – Chance and Data representation and interpretation – as well as the content descriptions of each sub-strand and the four proficiency strands.

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Australian Curriculum Mathematics – Number and Algebra Workbooks

New Wave Number and Algebra Workbooks - Foundation New wave Number and Algebra (Foundation to Year 6) is a series of seven student workbooks written specifically to assist teachers to implement the Number and Algebra strand of the Australian Mathematics Curriculum. Includes all sub-strands:

  • Number and place value
  • Fractions and decimals
  • Money and financial mathematics
  • Patterns and algebra

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Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills Fine motor skills is a great ‘hands-on’ teachers resource to help students improve their fine motor skills. Split into two halves, there are six sections that provide enjoyable and entertaining activities designed to help students. From shoulder, wrist and hand activities to drawing, writing, cutting and printing, Fine motor skills covers all areas of fine motor control that are essential to students’ development.

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Gross Motor Skills

Gross Motor Skills Gross motor skills is the perfect teachers resource to help students improve in all areas of their gross motor skills. Divided into seven sections, this book helps teachers to devise and plan activities to further skills development. Each section contains a variety of fun activities, all with brief descriptions, materials lists and clear illustrations, making it easy to help students with their gross motor skills and increase their activity level.

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Everyday Literacy – Listening and Speaking

Everyday Literacy - Speaking and Listening: Book 3 Everyday Literacy – Listening and Speaking is a three book series that aims to improve reading and oral language development in the classroom. Each book contains 20 weekly units which include activities and an easy assessment page to reinforce skills covered. The activities can be split into fun, easy lessons that can be completed on a daily basis. Teachers can use this series in conjunction with their reading and literacy program.

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Sequencing Visual Texts

Sequencing Visual Texts - Book 2 Sequencing visual texts is a series of three teacher resource books to support the teaching and learning of sequencing in early childhood classes. The series supports students struggling with written texts and those who need to develop oral communication skills.

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