Top 5 Problem Solving Resources

Problem solving is an important skill to have- -in school, in the workforce, and in life. Check out these five resources for developing students’ problem-solving abilities.

1. All You Need to Teach - Problem Solving: Ages 5-8

This comprehensive teacher resource book contains teaching tips, lesson plans, worksheets, task cards – all the techniques and ideas you need to help your students develop problem solving strategies.

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2. Challenging Mathematical Tasks

This book guides students to work out solutions to mathematical problems for themselves, through a structured approach and activities that allow for sustained thinking, decision-making and risk-taking.

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3. Maths Problem Solving Techniques

This book provides a set of problem solving techniques and practice questions to consolidate each skill.

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4. Open-Ended Maths Activities

Written by experienced educators, this book provides practical advice on how teachers can create their own open-ended and problem-solving questions, and use them effectively in the classroom.

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5. Problem Solved

This engaging multi-levelled series provides students with the chance to apply their numeracy skills in order to solve maths problems, using a process that works for them.

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