Top 5 Mathematics Reference Books

Mathematics is often a daunting and difficult subject for children – but it doesn’t have to be that way. Help build understanding and take the anxiety out of maths with these handy reference books.

1. First Maths Glossary

First Maths Glossary introduces and explains key maths concepts in a simple way for young children. With supporting diagrams and pictures, useful tips for retention, and examples of maths in daily life, this friendly reference book will help children build confidence in maths.

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2. Maths Facts, Tricks and Trivia

In this fun reference book, author, mathematician and teacher Paul Swan provides students with a range of entertaining facts and trivia, as well as ‘mathemagical’ tricks for making maths easier. Written in child-friendly language, this book is great for both school and at home.

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3. Oxford Primary illustrated Maths Dictionary

This easy-to-use illustrated dictionary is designed to help young learners understand key maths terms and concepts. Over 1000 words are explained in a clear, simple way, with examples included. The book can be used at home and in the classroom.

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4. Junior Illustrated Maths Dictionary: A Living Dictionary

This illustrated maths dictionary covers all the maths terms and concepts a student will need in their junior primary years. Children can also add their own comments in the spaces provided, making it a handy reference to keep from one year to the next.

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5. Targeting Maths Dictionary

Filled with colourful photos and diagrams, the Targeting Maths Dictionary is an essential guide to mathematical concepts in primary school, written with young learners in mind. The dictionary also contains a range of helpful charts, including symbols, abbreviations, shapes, prime numbers, Roman numerals and fraction and measurement conversion tables.

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