Tools for Using the 5 Senses in Learning

Sensory experiences give kids a better understanding of how the world works and help to reinforce what they learn. Here are some great products for incorporating the five senses in learning.

Taste: Rock Candy Factory

With Rock Candy Factory, young scientists can make delicious rock candy and other edible goodies while exploring the science of dissolving and crystallisation!

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Sound: Rainbow Recorder

Have fun creating your own speaking and listening games with the help of this reusable sound recorder. Rainbow Recorders can record up to one minute of sound, have a write and wipe surface, a magnetic face and base and can be personalised with a photo.

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Touch: Sensory Magic Sand

This sand-like product that is heavier than regular sand, holds its shape and is great for sensory experiences.

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Sight: Smartivity – Fantastic Optics Kaleidoscope

Through this kit, kids can build their own kaleidoscope and understand the principles of Colours, Light and Optics through play.

Shop Now: Fantastic Optics Kaleidoscope


Smell: Bath Bombs Factory

Kids can investigate the science of ‘fizz’ while creating beautiful scented, multi-coloured bath bombs that make great gifts (for themselves or others).

Shop Now: Bath Bombs Factory

What are your favourite activities for using the five senses in learning?


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