Top 5 Times Tables Resources

Multiplication is a basic mathematics skill with real-world applications outside the classroom. Learning and understanding times tables will also allow students to build their mental maths and problem-solving abilities. Check out five of our top resources for teaching times tables.

1. Excel Basic Skills - Times Tables

Updated for the Australian Curriculum, Excel Basic Skills: Times Tables provides a comprehensive approach to helping children master their times tables. The books contain a wide variety of carefully sequenced activities with an emphasis on oral counting, language and patterns.

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2. Times Tables Game

Make multiplication tables easy and fun with the Colourful Learning Times Tables Game! This hands-on flash card game is great for classrooms and home schooling, and helps to take away the fear of maths by building a child’s confidence at exploring numbers and solving problems.

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3. Do Not Learn Workbook - Times Tables

Now your child can learn their times tables with this fun educational workbook - even though their favourite blue character REALLY doesn't want them to! Part of Andy Lee’s Do Not Open series, this book uses reverse psychology to get children excited about learning.

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4. Times Table Chart

This handy reference chart is great for any classroom in which students are learning times tables. The chart is laminated and suitable for use with a whiteboard pen.

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5. Times Tables and Basic Facts

With a clear, easy-to-follow format, this book of practice sheets and tests is designed to allow students to develop a useful routine, consolidate the basics and tune their minds into mathematical ways of thinking.

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