Our 5 Favourite Diary Stamps to keep your Planner Organised

Classroom Choice diary stamps are an easy and efficient way to organise schedules and tasks in your planner. Check out five of our favourites from the range.

1. Assembly

You can use this stamp to indicate when school, faction or year group assemblies are scheduled throughout the year.

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2. Complete

This stamp is ideal for indicating tasks that have been finished, and allows for quick identification of incomplete tasks.

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3. On Duty

Use this stamp to show when a teacher has been rostered on duty in the playground, library other duty area either before school, at recess, at lunch or after school.

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4. Professional Development Day

This stamp is useful for indicating when Professional Development has been scheduled for teachers to attend throughout the school year.

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5. Reports Due

You can use this stamp is great for noting deadlines and due dates throughout the year.

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