Best Selling Whiteboard Resources

Whiteboards are tried and true for a reason – they’re easy to use and reuse and suitable for a variety of classroom situations. Here are five of Teacher Superstore’s top-selling whiteboard resources.

1. Magnetic Whiteboards

This magnetic framed whiteboard measures 25 x 21cm

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2. Write ‘n’ Wipe Whiteboard Markers

These handy double-ended whiteboard markers have an eraser on the lid and a magnet to adhere to a whiteboard.

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3. Quartet Whiteboard – Basic

These lightweight whiteboards can be easily carried around and perfect for reminders, to do lists, note taking, and for children to draw and write on.

Shop Now: Quartet Whiteboard – Basic




4. Whiteboard Tools Complete Set

This set contains a compass, protractor, foldable ruler and two set squares – all designed for use with whiteboards and chalkboards.

Shop Now: Whiteboard Tools Complete Set




5. Whiteboard Eraser Mini Magnetic

This small magnetic whiteboard eraser comes in assorted colours.

Shop Now: Whiteboard Eraser Mini Magnetic







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