Best Selling Handwriting Resources

Despite the increasing use of technology in the classroom, handwriting is still an important skill. It helps develop fine motor skills and is linked to improved memory and learning. Here are our five best selling resources for teaching handwriting to your students.

1. Targeting Handwriting

In addition to student books that align with the NSW, VIC, QLD and WA curriculums, the Targeting Handwriting series is the only handwriting program that supports teachers with a resource book for each year in Lower Primary.

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2. Write On – Large Laminated Dotted Thirds Chart

Use whiteboard markers on this large laminated dotted thirds writing chart, suitable for modelling purposes.

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3. Handwriting Rules!

With books covering New South Wales Foundation Style, Victorian Modern Cursive and Queensland Beginner’s Modern Cursive, the Handwriting Rules! Series integrates handwriting skills with other areas of the English curriculum: spelling and phonics, vocabulary, grammar, punctuation and aspects of literature.

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4. Writing Time

Writing Time is a unique series of practice books that take students on a unique handwriting adventure to understand, consolidate and extend handwriting knowledge. The program is available in New South Wales Foundation Style, Victorian Modern Cursive and Queensland Fonts.

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5. Handwriting Conventions

Written and illustrated by experienced teacher and artist Steve Murray, Handwriting Conventions is packed full of quirky artworks and engaging exercises designed to address the teaching of the New South Wales Foundation Style, Queensland Modern Cursive and Victorian Modern Cursive

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