5 Classroom Activities Blackline Master Resources

Blackline masters are incredibly useful resources when lesson planning. We’ve rounded up five blackline masters that are packed full of fun, educational activities to engage your students and consolidate their learning.

1. Let’s Get Quizzical

Let’s Get Quizzical is a collection of thematic research quizzes on a wide variety of subjects, inciting students to explore topics using a mix of resource materials: books, newspapers, journals, atlases, as well as the internet. The quiz activities in these books will build students’ general knowledge and foster solid research techniques.

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2. Maths In Sport

The activities in Maths In Sport are based on a variety of sports, and each involves a mathematical skill. Many activities are open-ended, and have the potential to be applied to situations in the school or community.

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3. Sum-Thing’s Fishy!

Sum-Thing’s Fishy is full of creative activities designed to encourage young students to extend and apply mathematical concepts they have already learnt. To assist teachers in planning maths sessions and assigning activity pages background Teaching Points are provided on facing pages.

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4. Fun Quizzes, Puzzles and Games

Fun Quizzes, Puzzles and Games contains over forty quizzes, puzzles and games, carefully designed to develop students' literacy and numeracy skills and extend their general knowledge. The activities can be used as fun ways to start or end lessons, as fillers, given as homework, integrated into specific units of work, given to fast finishers or used as part of relief lessons.

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5. Brain Teasers

Each Brain Teasers book contains a number of short, five-to ten-minute activities to stimulate thinking. Language-oriented activities are predominant, which encourages higher-level thinking skills, while activities encourage creative thinking and problem solving.

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