5 Assessment Recording Tools

Keeping accurate, useful records of how your students are tracking is a breeze with these five assessment recording tools.

1. Continuous Assessment Checklist

This checklist booklet makes it easy to keep an up-to-date record of children’s progress and development – allowing you to pinpoint the areas where a student in your class might need help or encouragement.

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2. Student Assessment Book

This handy assessment book comes with spaces for your class lists, perforated record pages you can customise to suit your needs, and parent meeting record pages.

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3. Assessment Record Book – Compact

Featuring 16 class assessment and attendance sets and a teacher resource section, this powerful little record book slides into your planner so you can take it everywhere.

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4. Descriptive Assessment Record Book - Wiro Bound

Suitable for Foundation to Year 12, this book has plenty of space to record descriptive assessment, with over 185 individual full page records per student.

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5. Learning Outcomes Assessment Record Book (F-12) - Wiro Bound

Designed to keep track of multiple classes, assessment tasks and learning activities, this flexible record book can be used for most Learning Areas of the Australian Curriculum.

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