Project X Hero Academy

Project X Hero Academy is a series designed to motivate young readers and turn them into reading superheroes. Perfect for guided, independent and one-to-one reading, Hero Academy will motivate all your students to read.

Hero Academy is a school where anything can and does happen! Join the students as they learn to control their powers, battle with baddies, and help protect their school and Lexis City.

Hero Academy is comprised of 78 inspirational fiction books that are fully decodable and matched to Letters and Sounds phonics sequence. The fine phonic progression ensures that all children can access the series as they embed their whole-class phonic teaching.


  • 78 fully decodable and exciting student books designed to motivate all students
  • 2 Companion texts that accompany the series that provide perfect stimulus for writing and help prompt class discussion
  • fully decodable with a fine phonic progression in line with the Letters and Sounds phonics sequence
  • free teaching resources on Oxford Owl including guided reading notes for every student book.

Series Components

  • Decodable Student Books - 78 finely levelled fiction books, matched to the Letters and Sounds  phonic sequence. Perfect for independent, one-to-one guided reading.
  • Companions - Companions provide perfect stimuli for writing and help prompt class discussion. The activities develop a picture of the Hero Academy  world and include fun facts about the characters, comic strips and more.
  • Teacher Support - Free teacher resources are available on Oxford Owl. Teachers have access to guided reading notes for every title, activities that support reading and writing skill development, tips for engaging parents and carers, a phonics and vocabulary overview and more.