Maths Plus Australian Curriculum (2023 Edition) - Teacher Books

A leading mathematics program for years F–6. Aligned to the new Australian Curriculum v9.0.

Maths Plus is a leading mathematics program for F–6 that delivers results. The Maths Plus program offers explicit instruction, practice and consolidation activities, problem-solving tasks, and mentals and homework activities.

Practice, with a view to mastery, underpins the spiral approach used in the Maths Plus program, allowing primary teachers and students to build on and re-visit mathematical concepts throughout the year.

The Maths Plus Australian Curriculum Teacher Book is a print resource providing teachers with:

  • Curriculum links
  • Direct instruction
  • Assessment information.

The Teacher Book also supports the use of the Maths Plus Teacher Dashboard, with explicit links to a wealth of resources for richer teaching and learning experiences.

Maths Plus series components

The Teacher Books are supported by other key components of the Maths Plus series: