Maths Plus Australian Curriculum Edition - Student & Assessment Books

Maths Plus is a leading mathematics program for F–6 that delivers results. Practice, with a view to mastery, underpins the spiral approach used in the Maths Plus program, allowing students to build on and re-visit mathematical content throughout the year. This helps students develop robust recall of information, consolidate their learning and increase their mathematical fluency.

The Maths Plus program offers explicit instruction, practice and consolidation activities, problem-solving tasks, and mentals and homework activities.

Assessment Books (bundled with Student Books) provide post-assessment tests that are simple to use and quick to administer, and allow teachers to track and review student learning.

Practice, Master, Assess

  • Spiralling helps Learners make connections over time, which creates more robust pathways for recalling information. Maths Plus follows a spiral approach, allowing teachers and students to build on, and revisit, content over time to consolidate Learning and increase fluency.

Australian Curriculum Edition (ACE) Student Book + Assessment Book Value Packs

  • The new 2020 editions include updated cover and text designs, and fresh illustrations.
  • Contain approximately 35 units of work per year with diagnostic term reviews to assess students’ understanding of concepts and skills.
  • Australian Curriculum: Mathematics content descriptions, proficiency strands and cross-curriculum area references are included at the base of every student activity page.
  • Are supported by additional resources on the Teacher Dashboard, such as digital interactives and Investigations pages.
  • Contain summative topic-based assessment to measure student growth and support end-of-year A–E reporting.

See below the Foundation to Year 6 Maths Plus Australian Curriculum Edition - Student and Assessment Book Value Packs. Also available are editions for the Victorian Curriculum and New South Wales Syllabus.