Cracking The ABC Code Photocopiable Books

The Editing photocopiable workbooks introduce students to the rules of spelling, grammar and punctuation in a systematic and structured format. They provides multiple exercises to maximise learning and to ensure retention of the information in long term memory.

Understanding rules of spelling, grammar and punctuation enables students to understand the reason for the mistakes they are making and thereby help them avoid making the same types of errors in the future.

Information is presented in two ways: Firstly as an editing task and secondly in specific "drill" type exercises. The editing tasks expose students to different types of genres. Each task introduces new punctuation and grammatical concepts. The following two pages provide further specific parctice in those concepts for students who require extra drills. 

Once a concept is introduced it is then continually included throughout the remainder of the book, providing further opportunities for students to learn and reinforce this knowledge.