Australian Curriculum Civics & Citizenship

Australian Curriculum Civics and Citizenship (Years 3–6) is a series of four blackline master books written specifically to support the new national curriculum while also integrating other sub-strands of the Humanities and Social Sciences curriculum.

The integration of the Humanities content allows for a more efficient way to include Civics and Citizenship content.

Each book is organised into three sections:

  • Government and democracy
  • Laws and citizens
  • Citizenship, diversity and identity

Each section contains units of work with a variety of activities that provide opportunities to answer key inquiry questions and practise the skills of inquiry learning. These skills encourage students to develop questions, research information, analyse sources, evaluate and reflect on evidence and communicate their understandings based on evidence.


  • Inquiry and skills links
  • Australian Curriculum Civics and Citizenship links
  • Australian Curriculum Humanities and Social Sciences integrated links
  • Civics and Citizenship-associated terminology
  • Additional activities
  • Answers