Cambridge Science for Queensland

Engage today’s Queensland science students with a resource package that effectively addresses the curriculum with fresh local content, a wide range of activities and innovative digital capabilities as it prepares Years 7–10 students for the new QCE science syllabuses.

Differentiated learning and a wide range of activities

The wide range of abilities and interests evident in Queensland classrooms is supported through the clear, student-friendly language, and developed and reinforced through a range of activities.

Quick checks and Explore! activities throughout will engage, support and extend every Year 7–10 student. Both long and short Try this activities for the classroom help explain and revise concepts. Data questions available at the end of each chapter help students apply their understanding and challenge them to analyse and interpret different forms of data linked to the chapter content. Teachers can also select questions from the graded, downloadable worksheets in each section to meet student abilities.

Hands-on activities reinforce concepts

Over 50 hands-on activities per year level offer both laboratory activities as well as longer investigations that develop students’ inquiry skills.

All Practicals in the series cover at least two of the Learning Areas from the Australian Curriculum and involve students using lab equipment and conducting analysis on their results. Investigations comprise more than one area of the experimental design as extended class or lab activities.

Specifically written for Queensland students

This NEW 7–10 series uses Queensland species or environments to demonstrate concepts where possible, helping students make connections in their science learning. Lead author Gemma Dale is a junior and senior level science teacher from Queensland with an Education Doctorate specialising in scientific literacy, making her particularly qualified to develop a Queensland series to effectively engage Year 7–10 students and prepare them for QCE science studies.

Prepares students for QCE Science studies

  • In the same way that QCAA uses cognitive verbs and follows Marzano’s Taxonomy for science courses, this series draws on these verbs and the section and chapter questions are organised into Retrieval, Comprehension, Analysis and Knowledge utilisation to improve student thinking.
  • Students are provided a set of data at the end of each chapter and are asked to apply, analyse and interpret that data. This provides valuable skill development for the internal data test required in Years 11 and 12.
  • The Investigations provided in this series develop students’ inquiry skills and allow for essential preparation for their scientific investigation in senior years.

These features provide a continuum of learning for students as they transition from junior to senior sciences.