60 Writing Topics

This three-part blackline master series has been written to reinforce the six different writing genres - Narrative, Exposition, Procedure, Report, Explanation and Recount.

Available in three ages levels: Ages 5-7, 8-10, 11+.

A number of suggestions for use are included:

  • specific writing tasks relating to themes;
  • portfolio assessment activities;
  • reinforcement of features of text types;
  • language group activities, student self-evaluation;
  • comparisons of text types.


  • 6 themes, each with 10 writing blackline master activities tasks cover the 6 writing genres within each theme
  • explanation of each writing genre including definition, text structure and special language features portfolio pages for each genre
  • icons indicate each theme being covered
  • teacher and student checklist blank proforma to allow teachers to add activities
  • reward certificates
  • teachers notes and outcome link
  • suggestions for multiple use