Phonics Unlimited - Sound Cards: Level 1

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The sound cards in the Phonics Unlimited - Sound Cards books are designed to make the task of introducing a new sound to an individual student or a small group interesting and easy.

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Part of the series Phonics Unlimited.

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Created for intervention or consolidation of reading, spelling and writing skills. The Phonics Unlimited series is suitable for teachers, tutors and home educators. It is an all-inclusive flexible program that can be used with mixed groups or individuals of varying levels of ability and ages. It is particularly suitable for older students who struggle with basic skills. Each component can be used separately but will deliver the best results when used as a complete program. The Phonics Unlimited series comprises of Levels 1, 2 and 3 Sound Card books and accompanying Code Links books, as well as a Teacher's Manual.

  • The Sound Cards are printed in colour on heavy card with suggested dialogue on the reverse. There are 12 units with four cards per unit. The books include a CD-ROM with pdfs of all of the Sound Cards for display on a computer or interactive whiteboard, if required.
  • The Code Links books contain: Code Links, Spelling, Reading and Review work sheets to support each Sound Card unit and are fully photocopiable.
  • The Phonics Unlimited Teacher’s Manual contains Diagnostic Assessment and instructions for all of the levels in the program.

Series Features and Benefits

  • Provides a complete sequence – from ‘cat’ to ‘catastrophe’
  • Complements other phonic materials
  • Provides a gradual build up from simple to complex
  • Incorporates punctuation and other written conventions
  • Makes no assumptions regarding a student’s skill base
  • Applying new skills to meaningful sentences
  • Word building becomes a base for learning spelling rules
  • Incorporates homophones
  • Introduces a rich general vocabulary
  • Promotes active comprehension and recall
Students using this entire series will:
  • learn new sounds
  • blend sounds into words
  • use words in sentences
  • learn appropriate punctuation
  • learn word building rules
  • construct written sentences and passages
  • learn simple grammar rules
  • be introduced to homophones
  • read and recall printed passages
  • build vocabulary
  • answer comprehension questions

Sound Cards Books

The sound cards in the Phonics Unlimited - Sound Cards books are designed to make the task of introducing a new sound to an individual student or a small group interesting and easy. The books feature 12 units, containing four sound cards. Each card features a different sound with photographic illustrations of words that feature the sound. The cards have been printed on thick paper to ensure they are robust. The teacher’s notes with suggested dialogue are on the back of each card for your convenience. Simply read from the ‘suggested dialogue’ in the notes, OR use your own dialogue while following the procedure in the notes. All of the Sound Cards in these books are also included on a CD-ROM in PDF format. These files can be used to display the cards on a computer or interactive whiteboard screen. Sound cards become more word focused as the levels increase. In order to introduce sound blending you will need the accompanying Phonics Unlimited - Code Links books for the respective level (sold separately).

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Level 1

Phonics-Unlimited-Sound-Cards-Level-1 Phonics-Unlimited-Sound-Cards-Level-1_sample-page1 Phonics-Unlimited-Sound-Cards-Level-1_sample-page2 Phonics-Unlimited-Sound-Cards-Level-1_sample-page3 Phonics-Unlimited-Sound-Cards-Level-1_sample-page4 Phonics-Unlimited-Sound-Cards-Level-1_sample-page5 Phonics-Unlimited-Sound-Cards-Level-1_sample-page6 Phonics-Unlimited-Sound-Cards-Level-1_sample-page7 Phonics-Unlimited-Sound-Cards-Level-1_sample-page8 Phonics-Unlimited-Sound-Cards-Level-1_sample-page9 Phonics-Unlimited-Sound-Cards-Level-1_sample-page10 Phonics-Unlimited-Sound-Cards-Level-1_sample-page11

ISBN 9781921631467
Publisher Blake Education
Product Type Teacher Resources,
Year Level Year 5, Year 6,

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